Close More Work Comp Deals by Offering Enormous Value

Posted by Dustin Boss on Nov 5, 2018 4:18:24 PM
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Close More Work Comp Deals by Offering Enormous Value

In an industry that sells the same service—workers’ comp insurance—it can be hard to stand out. And even harder to get on someone’s radar when they may not realize they need a change. That’s why it’s important to differentiate yourself in a unique way by focusing on safety and OSHA.  

When a prospect isn’t ready to switch agents, the idea is to offer something of value (for free) that will demonstrate your worth and keep you top of mind. OSHAlogs is a perfect value-add to give prospects for free, as it is a simple app that makes OSHA recordkeeping easier—and alerts you whenever there’s an incident. This blog offers tips to leverage OSHAlogs to keep in touch with prospects and demonstrate real value beyond insurance.

Simplify electronic submissions of OSHA 300A and 300 forms

It’s likely that prospects are well aware of the new OSHA recordkeeping rule that came in July, but how are they handling the electronic submission of their forms? Educate clients and prospects so they know what do do next and are ready for the March 2019 submissions. With just a few clicks, OSHAlogs can ensure employers comply with OSHA requirements and simplify the process.  

Leverage injury data for educational insights

Once an employer enters their data into OSHAlogs, you have it at your fingertips to dive into. Take the time to look into their data and truly prove your value with educational materials that are relevant to their recent incidents.

Be the agent who is there for any incident

Even if you’re not their agent of record yet, provide insights on what an employer should do next after an incident, including return to work and cost containment strategies. Seize the opportunity to be top of mind, demonstrate your value, and prove that you’ll be there when an incident arises. Make the right impression with the effort you put forth, and employers will start to compare your value with that of their current agent.

Close the sale

After all the value you demonstrate through the OSHAlogs app and your interactions with the prospect, there’s a good chance they’ll be handing over their agent of record letter. The important part to remember during this process is that you’re not selling. Your conversations with the prospect should be educational and helpful to the incident or topic at hand. You won’t need to pitch yourself; the app combined with your expertise and value will do it for you.


Want to learn more about opening up the work comp sale with safety and OSHA recordkeeping strategies? Grab this free checklist today and jumpstart your prospecting efforts!

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