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How to Open up the Work Comp Sale With OSHA Recordkeeping

OSHA recordkeeping is a unique angle to differentiate as a work comp agent and immediately cast doubt on the incumbent.
How to Open up the Work Comp Sale With OSHA Recordkeeping

It’s difficult to differentiate when selling work comp insurance, especially when the employer has a strong relationship with their current agent. A unique approach to eroding that incumbent relationship and opening up the sale is focusing on OSHA recordkeeping using OSHAlogs. OSHAlogs is a simple app that makes OSHA recordkeeping a breeze for employers—and alerts you as the agent every time there is an incident.

If the prospect isn’t ready to switch agents and buy from you, you can provide OSHAlogs as a value-add (for free), to keep in touch and demonstrate real value beyond insurance. Consider the following strategies for prospecting with OSHAlogs.


Strategy 1: Educate on the March 2 deadline

Hopefully your clients are aware of the OSHA recordkeeping rule that requires many employers to electronically submit their OSHA 300A and 300 forms by March 2 every year. But even if they are aware, they may not understand it or it may not be top of mind with everything else on their plate—and their agent may not have mentioned it either. Educate clients and prospects to ensure they are in the know and prepared. Even better, simplify the submission process by providing OSHAlogs, where the employer can comply with the OSHA requirement with just a few clicks.


Strategy 2: Gather Data Stealthily

When you request loss runs for a prospect, the incumbent is aware and can prepare themselves for your prospecting efforts. But once you have an employer set up on OSHAlogs, you can view their injury data without alerting the incumbent. Use that important information to prove your value to the prospect, alerting them to trends and sending educational materials relevant to their recent incidents.


Strategy 3: Reach Out When There’s an Incident

With OSHAlogs, you are notified whenever an employer has an incident, giving you a prime opportunity to stay top of mind, demonstrate your value, and show you care. Even if you’re not their agent of record yet, offer guidance on next steps, return to work, and cost containment. The employer will be impressed with the effort you put forth and begin to compare your value with that of their current agent.


Strategy 4: Educate on Lost Time and the Need for Speed

When someone gets injured on the job, there’s a limited amount of time before that employee needs to be paid for lost time—and employers are on the hook for a huge work comp surcharge if lost time is paid out. Educate prospects on this critical timeline, then use OSHAlogs to demonstrate how quickly you as the agent are notified of an incident, and how you can jump in and help them speed up the timeline to avoid any lost time.


Strategy 5: Speak at events and associations

Look for speaking opportunities at local events and offer to speak during community, industry or association events, to educate on a relevant topic and show off your expertise. 90% of your presentation should be about an educational OSHA or safety topic, with 10% left at the end to show how easy OSHA recordkeeping is with OSHAlogs. Don’t forget to have a signup sheet or other way for people to let you know they want to learn more.

Want to see OSHAlogs in action and learn more? Schedule a demo today!

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