The easiest way to cross-sell into benefits

Posted by Dustin Boss on Aug 21, 2019 9:15:28 AM
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The easiest way to cross-sell into benefits

Cross-selling can be difficult, as your work comp client likely has their benefits plan with a different agency. Providing added value to existing customers without asking them to meet with your benefits agent or purchase insurance is a great way to open yourself up to a cross-sell. That’s where Wellness401k comes in.

Wellness401k provides you with an excellent opportunity to give your P&C clients this added value, without making your clients feel like you’re trying to sell them another line of business. This blog post will go over sample scripts for talking to P&C clients about Wellness401k and explain how this approach can get them interested in the value you could provide if your agency wrote their benefits line as well.

How to easily open yourself up to a cross-sell

What if you called up a P&C client—who you don’t write benefits for—and told them you’d just purchased some new software you were rolling out to them and asked if you could send them a quick video on it? How would they react?

Here’s a sample call script for a great way to open up a cross-sell:

“Hey [insert name], our agency just purchased some really cool software that automates wellness programming and sends it directly to your employees’ inbox! It’s really neat, it has videos, posters and campaigns. I know you don’t do benefits with us, and that’s okay! But there’s a lot of overlap in the content between workers’ comp, safety and benefits so we are rolling this out to you as well. Can I send you a quick video on it?”

After the call, send a follow-up email with the link to watch the video and also ask when you can come out to set it up for them. Here’s a sample script:

"Hey [insert name], thanks for chatting today! I think you’ll really like this new software we purchased! Take a look at the video below. Its only 2 minutes—super short! We are getting awesome feedback from our clients and I think you could really benefit from this as well. As I mentioned on the phone, while you are not a benefits client, this has a huge impact on workers’ comp so we are rolling it out to you as well. Let me know when a good time would be for me to come out so we can get everything set up. It only takes 15 minutes."

Your P&C client will see the benefit of Wellness401k, and that you, as their broker, are there to help them with all of their needs, even though they aren’t using you for their benefits line. You haven’t asked them to purchase anything, you’re simply offering them a free value-added service that will impact their bottom line.

The benefit of P&C clients using Wellness401k even if they don’t buy benefits

Every piece of content that goes out will have your agency’s logo on it, which is amazing internal marketing and advertising that money can't buy.

This will give you an opportunity—whether it’s now or later—to show your P&C clients how this program fits into your overall benefits approach for your agency.

You don’t have to stop there, either. Give them a call or stop by every so often to show your clients the latest new content in the system and explain how it can help their employees. Continue providing added value and, as a result, showing them that their benefits and P&C would both be better off under your wing.

Cross-selling through added value

One effective way to cross-sell benefits coverage to a P&C client is to provide benefits value to your P&C clients through Wellness401k. Show your clients how benefits and P&C work together, and how providing their employees with the tools accessible in Wellness401k will improve their overall wellness and reduce workers’ comp claims.

Let us help! Use this sell sheet to make the case to clients on why you should write both sides of their business.

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