Obtain valuable OSHA data from prospects without tipping off the incumbent agent

Posted by Dustin Boss on Jul 15, 2019 7:00:00 AM
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Obtain valuable OSHA data from prospects without tipping off the incumbent agent

Getting a prospect's injury data is a smart move to help you tailor prospecting conversations and put pressure on the incumbent—but when you request loss runs for an employer, their agent is notified, making it harder for you to write the account. Don’t worry, though, because accessing the prospect’s data without tipping off their agent is possible. This blog post will detail some ways to access the data you need stealthily, simplifying your sales process.

How to access OSHA records while prospecting

One way to access the records you need is to simply ask the prospect directly for their OSHA records, then request their experience mod sheet from the state workers' comp bureau or NCCI. You should do this instead of requesting loss runs. Why? Because when you request loss runs, the incumbent is notified, which puts them on defense immediately and makes it harder for you to earn the business.

There’s an even easier way to gain access to the prospect’s OSHA records, too. Just give your prospects access to OSHAlogs, our easy-to-use but extremely powerful OSHA recordkeeping app. When you purchase the app, you get unlimited licenses, making it easy to give prospects access to show off your capabilities. When the prospect uses OSHAlogs, you will gain access to critical injury information, including employee name, title, date of injury, type of injury and days away from work.

Since workers’ compensation begins paying injured employees benefits after they’ve been away from work for over 7 days, showing prospects the number of incidents they’ve had with employees out over 7 days can be extremely useful in depicting potential savings by reducing workplace accidents. It also shines a spotlight on the lack of claims management from their current agent. For instance, one agent won new business on the spot when he used OSHAlogs to show a prospect how many of their incidents had resulted in employees being away from work over 7 days (and paid workers’ comp benefits), and the prospect was furious that the incumbent agent hadn’t called this to their attention.

Giving prospects visibility to OSHAlogs shows them that you are there to assist them in understanding where they could improve—before you’ve even won their business. Let prospects know that you want to reduce their accidents, decrease the number of days employees are away from work, and as a result, lower their costs. This will help you stand out from their current agent and provide additional value from the start.

Why does it matter?

Finding ways to get a prospect’s OSHA records without the incumbent agent being notified can help you win new business and prove that you will do more to protect the client year-round. Take the steps outlined in this blog to win new business by providing more value to prospects and showing them that you can help them reduce costs.

Learn more about how to help clients avoid major incidents and reduce costs in our infographic, Lost Time: Just the Tip of the Iceberg.

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