How to Challenge the Incumbent With New OSHA Rules

Posted by Dustin Boss on Apr 30, 2018 9:00:00 AM
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How to Challenge the Incumbent With New OSHA Rules

We all know the insurance industry has become quite commoditized, meaning agents must provide more than just insurance to stand out from the crowd. What differentiates you from the broker down the street?

If you’re looking for a new angle to get more prospects’ attention, book more meetings and close more deals, consider the new OSHA electronic recordkeeping requirement.

What is the new OSHA rule?

In case you’re not familiar, many employers are now required to electronically submit their OSHA 300A data directly to OSHA (in addition to physically posting in a prominent place at the worksite). Covered employers must submit their 2017 data by July 1, 2018.

Learn more details on the new requirement in this blog

Prospecting strategies

Even though this deadline is coming up fast, many agents haven’t discussed it with the clients, creating a perfect opportunity for you to step in and challenge the incumbent. The strategies below will help you open more doors and grab more BORs.

Note: This blog is primarily about prospecting, but don’t forget to discuss the new rule with your clients! It’s a great reason to reach out, support a critical need, and prove your value.

1. Make a list of prospects who are affected by the new rule. Establishments with 250+      employees must comply, along with smaller establishments in certain higher risk industries. Find the whole list of industries here.

2. Call those prospects and focus the conversation on complying with the new rule (no need to even discuss insurance). Ask if their agent has talked to them about this huge new OSHA requirement.

3. After each call (or voicemail), send a follow-up email with this compliance guide on the new rule. If their current agent hasn’t provided similar advice or education, you’re demonstrating critical OSHA expertise and providing tremendous value.

4. Follow up closer to the deadline to remind them of the deadline and provide additional guidance if necessary.

You may not get the business today (though some employers will be so impressed they’ll want to move their business to you now). But, you are providing guidance on an essential compliance issue (and making their agent look bad in the process). These prospects will be much more open to meeting with you in the future—or may proactively reach out when they’re ready to talk insurance.


Position yourself as an OSHA hero to your prospects (and clients). Provide this compliance guide to educate them on the new rule and how to properly comply.

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